The role of Switzerland within the BRI

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Lugano, 28 May 2018 - Opportunities for Switzerland within the New Silk Road

On 28 May 2018 the conference 'Opportunities for Switzerland within the New Silk Road', co-organized by Easternational, HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council), Ship2Shore and Finlantern, with the support of many institutions and companies was held in Lugano.

The topic of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with its implications mainly in the economic, geopolitical and infrastructural sectors, increasingly attracts the attention of an audience interested in the potential of the Eurasian economic integration. What are the real opportunities that this project can bring to Switzerland? The conference analyzed this perspective,  taking into account the distinguishing features ot the Swiss Confederation and the role of China and Hong Kong.

Many Italian and foreign experts have contributed to the realization and success of this event, carrying out an all-round analysis that has touched differtent aspects of the BRI.

Opportunities but also challenges to deal with: Italy still has a lot to accomplish in the infrastructural field, such as Tortona/Novi Ligure-Genova railway and the Turin–Lyon high-speed railway, and the role that Italy and Switzerland can play in the BRI is also connected to the result of these projects. Telenord dedicated some interviews to the initiative. Click here to watch the full interview to our Vice-President, Riccardo Fuochi. The opinion of Marco Marazzi in the interview no. 244 of Transport - TeleNord (Source:

The interview is followed by a photo gallery and the presentations of the speakers.


Areas of interest

Infrastructures (38)
Trade (40)
Direct Investments (52)
Geopolitical aspects (32)

Geographical areas

Italy (41)
China (70)
Russia (7)
Europe (46)
Asia (33)

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