Who will pay for China’s new Silk Road?

Source: scmp.com 11/05/2017

Who finances Belt and Road Initiative projects? In addition to the China-Africa Development Fund, ADB and the World Bank, China in 2014 has set up Silk Road Fund with $ 40 billion capital. In 2016 the AIIB started operating. The New Development Bank is the fund created for the BRICS. In Europe, China has joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and will participate in the EU Junker Project in addition to having established the China-Central and Eastern Europe Investment Fund and Sino-CEE Financial Holdings.

A key role in the various BRI projects will be played by the Chinese SOEs. A very varied picture on which we hope to shed light on during the Belt and Road Forum.

Link: http://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/2093672/who-will-pay-chinas-new-silk-road?utm_source=Direct

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