Belt and Road Initiative: opportunities for Italian’s companies

Summary on Easternational's first meeting

The first event organized by Easternational was held on May 9th in Bologna. The event had the dual aim of explaining to the companies about the Belt and Road Initiative from different points of view (institutional, financial and logistical) and officially launching Easternational.
Marco Marazzi opened the session urging reflections on the economic impact of the BRI, whose projects and future developments will be discussed at the thematic forum on May 14 and 15, 2017 in Beijing.
In the interest of institutional cooperation, the speeches of the PRC Ambassador in Italy, Li Ruiyu and Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Benedetto Della Vedova, both pointed out how much Italy can do to play a key role in the initiative, on the basis of good relations with the Chinese Government, but also with so many countries involved in the New Silk Roads, without forgetting  that the sea route also touches Africa, where Italy already has a strengthened presence. Moreover, its strategic position in the high Mediterranean makes it a privileged access channel for entry into Central Europe.
Logistic themes were dealt in a debate moderated by NOMISMA's Director, Andrea Goldstein, member of Easternational CS, who co-ordinated Dr. Daniele Rossi, Port Authority of Ravenna and Dr. Cosimo Giulio De Metrio, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief of SEA. The speeches shows, the readiness of the Italian structures and their motivation to seize the opportunities offered by this new Euro-Asian initiative.
The event was held in Bologna, with the support of BPER, which works in the forefront to assist clients through the activation of financial instruments dedicated to projects in target countries of the initiative. Dr. Nicola Giorgi, Head of Global Transaction Banking at BPER, described the various active tools and the vast network of international correspondents of the Bank, which aims to assist clients in markets where BPER is not directly present. 
BPER's work is part of the framework program for international promotion implemented by Emilia-Romagna Region, Ruben Sacerdoti, Head of the Attractiveness and Internationalization Service of Emilia-Romagna Region, listed the many initiatives undertaken by ER Region in China and in particular reminded the benefits of the local co-operation strategy with targeted Chinese provinces, Emilia Romagna Region has a “Strategic Agreement” with the Provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang.
In the morning, a meeting was also held between Ambassador Li and the Vice-President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Elisabetta Gualmini, during which they talked about trade and investment relations between Emilia-Romagna Region and China.


Areas of interest

Infrastructures (38)
Trade (40)
Direct Investments (52)
Geopolitical aspects (32)

Geographical areas

Italy (41)
China (70)
Russia (7)
Europe (46)
Asia (33)

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