The Ministry of Trade discusses the Belt and Road Initiative: Chinese companies as host countries of 1 billion and 100 million in revenue

Source: 24/02/2017

Interview with the PRC former Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng on the Belt and Road Initiative. The results achieved so far have been very positive: creation of 56 business and economic cooperation zones with more than 20 countries involved, for a total investment of 18.500 million RMB, 1.100 million dollars in turnover and 180 thousand jobs. In 2016, import-export with the countries involved in the BRI was + 0.6%, and Chinese direct investments in the are area was 8.5% of the total (for a total value of $ 14.5 billion). The BRI project is steadily growing, during the May forum in Beijing, the main world leaders and entrepreneurs will discuss the initiative and the challenges posed by the global and regional economies integration. The government is committed to develop favorable investment policies and legal protection.


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