China’s Belt and Road Initiative heads into golden development period

Source: ITA BEIJING 24/02/2017

Despite international political and economic instability, the growth of import-export between China and the countries located along the new silk road is positive: + 0.6% on an annual basis for a value of about $ 916 billion. New agreements have been signed between the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative for a total value of $ 126 billion. China has targeted 8.5% of its foreign direct investments budget to this area and the involved countries registered an average GDP growth of 4.6% in 2016.

Areas of interest

Infrastructures (38)
Trade (40)
Direct Investments (52)
Geopolitical aspects (32)

Geographical areas

Italy (41)
China (70)
Russia (7)
Europe (46)
Asia (33)

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